Pressbooks 5: Developer Guide


I understand the situation. Maybe to have the same buttom name all the time, I like Contributor, as is the name of the taxonomy. So the people would understan all of them are one taxonomy. Or maybe having a neutral name…


Okay. Can you open an “Ideas” ticket about this? Thanks.



I’m new to this forum, but we have been using Pressbooks and developed a custom theme with it. We followed the documentation creating the scaffolding and building from there, but when we upgraded to 5 and followed the upgrade instructions the styles to our front page are no longer loaded. It looks like on read pages the compiled stylesheet now stored in the new pressbooks folder in the uploads directory gets called, but not on the front page. Also it looks like some of the icons like the eyeball for increasing reading size as well as the javascript file for toc.js is no longer being loaded. We also see some various errors in the book.js file. Is there a web page that talks about any new styling caveats that are present with this new release of Pressbooks? If not can anyone help point me in the direction of what we would need to get the styles also called on the front page of the book?


@kirkj I’ve moved your question into a new thread, and will follow up with you there: Issues with custom theme and Pressbooks 5